Without any integration required, merchants can issue invoices from the dashboard by simply filling out the standard form which includes the Customer details and the Product/Service information.

In this article you will be going to know about:

Display Invoices

You can list your account invoices by going to your Dashboard > Invoices. All of your invoices will be listed there.

Create an invoice

Creating an invoice from your dashboard is easy, just follow the below steps:

  1. Navigate to Invoice > click the plus button on the top right corner of your index table.

  2. Select whether it can be a standard (one-time use) invoice or a re-usable template invoice.

    Standard: it's a single invoice. The link will be expired once a customer will complete this payment.

    Template: It will generate a link, and you can share this link to your customer via any source(message/WhatsApp/email, copy/paste), and the same link will remain open to re-use anytime. (you can also control the expiration date while making the template)

    The payments done through the Template mode will be tagged as API(Type).

  3. Add new items and configurable each item pricing with the ability to add discount and tax, and the option to include additional charges.
  4. You can always prefill the Customer Details so that the customer doesn't need to provide them again on the PayPage.

Send invoice via SMS, Email or WhatsApp

 After creating the invoice you can either send it to the customer via email, SMS or share via WhatsApp. To perform such an action you need to choose the desired invoice